Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Products Available!

We have been busy restocking our shelves and freezers, as well as introducing new products this spring. You can find all of these items in our online store here:

NOTE: some items require a paid food membership to purchase. 

Here is a list of the items just now available!


From our own top bar hives, the purest, most natural, minimally processed honey from bees never fed sugar or seen any chemicals


Meat stock from our pastured, soy free, heritage breed, organically fed chickens! This is unlike any chicken stock available in the stores.  Thick, rich, flavorful for drinking, soups, stews, whatever!

NEW: Chicken Head and Feet stock! There is nothing more medicinal than traditional stock made from the heads and feet of our chickens. Now you can enjoy the benefits and flavor of this magical stock without the mess and trouble. We slow stew the stock for hours, then cool and freeze in ice cube trays. The end result is 2 oz frozen chunks of stock that can be added to anything. not enough to change the flavor, but enough to add nutritional value to any meal!


NEW: Pig Organs!
We now offer organ meats from our pastured, soy free, organically fed, heritage breed hogs.  Each is vacuum sealed individually and frozen.  Chop these to add to any meat dish for super nutritional value!
Available: Hearts, Livers, Kidneys

Ground Pork - available in 3 packs of one lb packages

Whole Stewing Chickens - Pastured, organically fed, soy free heritage breed chickens, older birds perfect for slow cooking and making stocks. Incredible flavor and often loaded with fat!

Chicken organs and parts - From our stewing hens, there are heads, feet, gizzards, necks

Turkey Feet and Heads - from our own pastured, soy free, organically fed heritage turkeys


We have plenty of frying lard available. it comes frozen and vacuum sealed (no waste!) . This lard is healthy, made from our pastured, soy free, organically fed heritage hogs and processed minimally to retain all its nutritional value without any chemicals.  Use this anywhere a fat is used for cooking! It is heat stable and heart healthy!


Samples! We are now offering samples of aging cheese to members of our new cheese club. Help develop our recipes!

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