Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pasture fodder system- - take 2

Well..  Our first attempt at a moveable pasture watering fodder system failed miserably.  Time for a few changes and take 2!

First,  higher sides.  Turns out the turkeys could reach through the chicken wire in the top and eat the grain.  We raised the top another 6 inches.

Second,  lower slope.  This design has water dripping at one end and exciting the other.  The slope of the trays was to steep so that the grain would break lose and slide down the tray.  Now there is a very gentle slope.

Third,  sides on the pallets instead of the top.  This makes the top lighter and easier to handle.

After the first day this design looks better.  The grain is in place,  soaked from bottom up nicely and evenly,  and no missing chunks from tried snatching a meal.

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