Monday, June 2, 2014

Black Tamworth arrive!

Exciting day!  We have put first litter of black Tamworth piglets on the ground!   This is a cross between the large black and the Tamworth.  She had 12 healthy piglets,  and all seem to be doing fine.

Unfortunately....  A couple of the young boars in the community pasture decided to be a tad overly eager and started chasing the new mom trying to make already.  In her efforts to fight them off,  a couple of the piglets got stepped on!  So we quickly ran in to seperate the bunch.  It took a bit of convincing (read farmer  vs pig fight) They were determined!

After getting the boys away,  we stationed a guard,  Josh.  He got a quick lesson in pig control,  a chair,  and guard duty.  Levi decided to pull up outside the pasture supervising.   Today we will provide a quiet post for her to raise these babies without being bothered,  and it's time to process some boars! But for the moment,  Josh stands guard.

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  1. UPDATE: Good news.. all 12 babies made it through the risky first day and are nursing quietly with their mom in a shelter.