Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pear Harvest 2013

Pear Harvest time is here!  This year we asked for volunteers to help harvest the pears which worked out beautifully for everyone. The farm received many extra pounds of pears for animal feed, and the helpers took home as many free pears as they wished, as well as having a grand time !

We give a special thanks to the owners of the old pear farm, which has not been worked for several years, in allowing us to harvest these pears for organic animal feed. 

These pears will go a long way to finishing both the pigs and the turkeys at a great savings to the farm.

At the end of the day, best estimate is that we collected close to 6000 lbs of pears! Good job everyone!

Everett sees a pear he wants!
Can he reach it?


The farmer in the trees... with knee pads?

Levi wears daddy's hat for protection from falling pears!

Noey and Kaelyn sitting on the kubota waiting to fill pear buckets

Hunter found one, or two, or three...

And Uncle Bradley fills many buckets

Grandma with the most important job... Baby watching!

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The team hard at work

Did he just eat a pear?

Marissa picks pears and holds the little ones, talent!

Daddy, Hunter, and Levi hard at it

Why is this man smiling?

Everett returns to the kubota for another bite....

The line of cars for the volunteers

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