Sunday, September 15, 2013

Little Sprouts Pear Day is Here!

We would like to extend an invitation to you that we just sent to all our customers for a fun day picking pears from a local wild growth orchard. 

here is the invitation we sent to our customers:



You are invited to join us for another Little Sprouts Work Event! The project this time will be fruit harvesting!

We have made arrangements with one of the local fruit companies to strip the fruit from an unused pear orchard. These pears are organic and "wild growth" since the orchard has not been worked in several years. There are good pears on the trees yet ready to pick, preserve, eat, whatever... and fallen pears on the ground great for animal feed. We will be doing both.. collecting fallen fruit from the ground as well as picking what can be reached on the trees without a ladder. NO LADDERS will be used nor allowed for safety reasons. 

You are welcome to come and work as much as you like, and take home your own set of pears at the end. You are welcome to make it a family event, bring the children, plan for a picnic lunch or dinner, and enjoy yourself!

Date:  Wednesday 9-18
Time:  630am till dark (around 8pm) you are welcome to work any hours between this, just let us know your preference. 
Bring: buckets for collecting and taking your own pears home, plenty of water (no running water at the farm) and food for meals. 
Wear: dress for cool morning and evening, hot day, and prepare for tall grass and burrs in places.
FYI: there is no restroom facilities on or nearby the farm. 

This is a great family friendly way to work on the farm, help us feed these animals, keep pour prices down, and just have a good time!

Please RSVP by email or phone by Tuesday evening if you plan on attending! 

Dave, Brenda and the Little Sprouts

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