Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hunter: is that mullen?

We were out at a local organic farm collecting excess squash for animal  feed,  when suddenly hunter exclaims... "is that mullen?".  He was pointing to the large "weed"  in the picture below.

Hunter has spent his summer learning about medicinal herbs.  Through several books and such he has memorized many plants and their uses.  A drive through town these days is littered with his announcements of "thats xxxxx and its good for yyyyy,  can we stop?" 

In this case he was right.  I didnt know what it was but the farmer did and verified it was wild growing mullen.  He even was kind enough to take hunter a bit further to show him some wild growing stinging nettles.

It is so refreshing to see the children intrigued and excited with such useful things instead of the latest video game or tv show. We credit this well placed enthusiasm to growing up on a farm and our education system centered on the natural love for learning.

Here he is with his find

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