Friday, September 6, 2013

Bananas in southern oregon?

Yep...  Bananas in Southern oregon!  We have run across a variety of banana ghat apparently can grow and produce fruit right here in southern oregon!  In fact this variety can be a productive house plant.

Ok  I admit...  It was Hunter that Initially researched and pushed for this addition to the farm.  Our up and coming plant expert.

Cavendish dwarf banana.  Some say it can stand the harsh oregon winter,  others recommend moving the plants indoors in winter. Either way it grows back each spring to produce a single grower and one bunch of tasty bananas.

We ordered 4 plants.  Each year they will Make one or two shoots that can be left or separated into new plants.  Each plant makes one bunch of up to 90 bananas each.

Do yep..  We are now a mini banana plantation in oregon!  We will be able to offer exciting things like banana cottage cheese,  banana yogurt,  banana kefir,  banana milk,  chocolate covered bananas   etc.

You just never know what is coming next around here!

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