Friday, April 12, 2013

Hoss seeder puts first seeds in the ground

It is that time of year where seeds go in and start a new life cycle. This year we have grand plans if adding more veggie crops for animal food as well as fermented goodies for sale. so much so that we decided it was time to look into some faster method of getting sees in the ground quickly and accurately.

I remember as young boy working in my fathers huge garden. He came to the same conclusion (or maybe he just liked gadgets) and bought an automatic seeder. It was one that is still sold today in fact....the kind made from plastic and aluminum, with a red hopper in between front and back wheels. We would put seeds in the hopper and push the little gadget along merrily planting long rows. I also remember it being a tad finicky. Wasting seeds, hard to control, inaccurate depth, in short useful but problematic.

Do when i faced the same need, and not ready to spend the money on a tractor implement, research was in order. I quickly discovered that there are few options available. Basically three contenders... The one my dad had,a fancy improvement on this made overseas, and this weird little contraption from a company called Hoss. I choose the latter for a variety of reasons.

Price: Hoss is mid priced at a few hundred. I like mid priced solutions, finding they usually offer the best value.

Versatility: Hoss does the transformer thing to become seeder, cultivar, plow, or trencher.

Rugged: Hoss is much more sturdy. Heavy metal and wood frame built to last

convenience: you can empty the bucket without turning the while tool upside down. You can adjust depth and seed plate easily,

Performance: reviews were glowing about spacing and depth accuracy, germination rates, etc.

So... We have one now and i have to say that i am fully impressed.this is a perfect midrange tool. It is easy to use, rugged, effective, accurate, and built to last.

So far we have planted one whole area in beets and cabbage.what used to take hours of preparing, planting, covering, shaping... Took all of 10 minutes. Incredibly easy! This thing is ready to drive and push on two large front wheels, cuts an accurate depth, drops a single seed at accurate spacing, covers it and packs it tight with a broad spiked wheel that also drives the mechanism quite well.

I am very happy with the purchase. This well enable us to greatly increase production of veggies without requiring the investment of a tractor tool and the compaction if good soil under tractor tires. It is a perfect size for our current needs.

Here is link to the device:
I give it  an overall glowing review.

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