Saturday, April 6, 2013

Underneath the gmo debate

I ran across an article posted in southern oregon online that exemplies the problem underneath to arguments in the gmo debate. The link to the full article is below. What caught my eye in a reasonably well done peice is the closing statement:

" Regardless of the type of agriculture or the location, there are limits to how long any land can remain productive, applying imported fertilizers, or utilizing GMOs, only provides, at best, a temporary halt to the land’s transition to non-productive “wasteland”, and to desertification."

The argument being made here is this - that soil depletion is a given in any style of agriculture so as long as humans use land to grow food, we are killing the planet. Therefore even though gmo crops are bad, we have to do what we can to produce food in a dying world.

All I can say is WOW. I feel so sad for a seemingly knowledgeable author who understands so little and lives with such a fatalist view. On the contrary I can assure you that proper agriculture practices not only stop desertification and depletion, but reverse it! In short.... growing food creates fertile soil when done right.

The problem though, is that anyone educated on modern agriculture assumes that feeding man is the great evil that is killing the world. Science is necessary to come up with ways to lesson the damage. First chemical fertilizers, next genetic alterations. But this itself is the lie. If these beleivers in science would just look to true nature based agriculture, they would see that its not about how little damage we cause, it can be about how much fertility we can add per year. Creating topsoil, increasing fertility, by properly growing food in harmony with nature is the answer. Not only are gmo crops dangerous, they are totally unnecessary!

We have proven this on our own land. I will be posting about this in the days to come in more detail. For now let me share that we have finally found the secrets to fertility, and it is in producing food, not limiting that production. Literally the more food produced, the better the soil, when done right. Amazing! Nature is designed to support an ever increasing population! All we have to do is learn how nature works, and work in harmony.

What are these great mysterious secrets? We will discuss in more detail in coming days, but the root lies in following nature. If you'd like to see for yourself, come on out to the farm and look at what we are doing so far. Look at the growth and fertility brought on by last years food production. One year, one season, and the evidence is dramatic. Producing food increases the ability to produce food!

Here's the article I am referring to:

"Monsanto Protecion Act signed by president"

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