Monday, February 11, 2013

Testing a new "rollaway" nesting box

Today I finally found the time to assemble and hang the new nesting box in the front chicken coop. This is a test, if it works well and does what we hope, we will replace all the nesting boxes with this type.

This is a "rollaway" nesting box. It is designed so that when the hen lays, the egg rolls away into a hidden compartment. This keeps the eggs cleaner, fresher, and easy to collect. Does it work?  We shall see, there are mixed reviews.

The particular box we chose is all metal (except a wooden perch) and quite sturdy. It is made from decent guage sheet metal, assembled with real screws, and quite a nice design. It is designed and built by the amish, and came in a small flat box.

Assembly went pretty easy even with very simplelistic instructions. I had a couple times where some5hing was wrong and had to remove and redo it, but not too bad. It weighs about 25 lbs only, and is amazingly sturdy.

I hung it in the front coop and removed the other old turkey size nesting box. Then I moved most of the hens to that side. By noon tomorrow we shall see how this works out.

Here are some pics:

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