Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another delivery day dawns

Its Saturday, time to prepare for another dayof home deliveries!  This is certainly a blessed day when we get to gather our whole family and spend the day meeting and chatting with customers, handing over the foods we have worked so hard to produce, and connect with those that rely on our efforts for food and health. What a blessed day indeed!

Farming is not just about crops and animals, feed and manure, life and death, paperwork, profits and cost.... no.... farming is about people. Farming is about keeping people healthy, providing for the most basic of mans needs while careing for gods creation. Delivery day, for us, is the culmination of all this hard work and responsibility. It is the payoff in the greetings, smiles, and stories we are blessed with at each house.

So... suns up... here we go! See you in a bit!

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