Sunday, February 3, 2013

Artificial flavors bring artificial life

Id like to point out a fundamental difference between farm fresh natural foods and factory produced artificial foods. That difference is... artificial or natural flavors. Yes... let's consider what  flavoring means.

First... let me point out that I am referring to both truly artificial (chemical based )flavors as well as "natural flavors". The difference is the source, and granted chemicals are always worse than real foods... but the core problem is the same.

Here's a question.... why flavor something? Factory foods is produced to make a profit.... so they don't spend money on ingredients without a solid reason. What is the reason for flavorings of any source?  There is only one obvious answer.... the stuff they are flavoring doesn't taste right or good, so they add flavorings to make it seem right and pleasant. THAT is a real problem! Why doesn't it taste right? What is fundamentally wrong with their "food" that makes it need added flavors to taste like the "food" it is mimicking?

Think that through and you quickly realize that something that needs flavors, natural or chemical, is either not food, not the food it says it is, or simply not good at all.

The problem here is that our taste and smell are our built in mechanisms to determine what is good to eat, and what our body needs at the moment. However, this ability is specifically what the flavor industry is "fooling" by adding foreign tastes and smells to their "food". Therefore people living on foods filled with flavors, of any source, are being fooled, their built in protections for health bypassed in the seeking of pleasure and profits.

Judging food based on flavor ONLY works when NO flavors, artificial or natural, are added. Let's judge the food on its own merits. Let's step away from such a manipulated food system and return to real foods with real flavors. This is what farm fresh food is... real.

Our foods have no added flavors. It is all real the way nature intended. The aroma, taste, texture is real, not induced through manipulation of any sort. It is food, not a chemical mix.

A word of warning and encouragement. If you have existed on flavorings, your taste mechanism is corrupted by them, and getting back the ability to enjoy and judge real foods takes some time. You truly do have to shun artificial foods and flavors for a while in order to be able to follow your nose and taste successfully. Cravings then can represent a true food need, and can be followed willingly. A craving for a taco bell taco is not a healthy craving, your body crying for the ingredients it needs. A taco bell craving is more like that of an addict craving his addiction. On the other hand, a craving for a real natural food like avacados or raw veggies is one to be followed.

The bottom line? food that must rely on flavorings, natural or artificial, should be avoided. They not only can add toxins, but fundamentally the corrupt our method of eating healthy.  Instead choose fresh real whole foods from a local farm. These are the foods that bring true enjoyment, health, and natural responses.

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