Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ducks get a new home and new job

The ducks are moved again, this time to our garden area. This area is totally enclosed, and covered with grass. There are lots. And lots of worms just below the surface.

These ducks have spent a month or two in the original pig pen, finishing off all the forage left from the pigs. They did that admirably! There is not a single blade of grass left! You may have noticed that the yolks of the duck eggs have turned a bit lighter yellow in color over the last month as forage disappeared.

This new area is full of forage content for them. The yolks should turn deep orange within days as they hunt and clean in this new place. In the process they are pre-weeding our garden and fertilizing.

We also moved a set of predator eyes in with them to deter the predators. So far we have no trace of fights or lost ducks! Maybe these predator eyes work!

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