Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday- still a day of rest.

As I watch the sunrise on a Sunday, it seems a good time to share one of our farm rules that we have found invaluable.
Sunday is a special day at Little Sprouts, because it is the only day not filled with projects.Yes as a family and a farm we honor the Sabbath as a day of rest. We don't do business on Sunday, don't work on projects, and use the time as a sacred day.
Our rule is we only do chores that are necessary (everyone must eat ), and only do work necessary to save a life (life threatening situations do happen often ). We will entertain visitors on occasion, since we view the farm as our God given mission, and our visitors as friends. But that is the limit.
We have found great benefit in following this rule.  It keeps our family grounded despite the season and workload,  it stresses the higher purpose of life by keeping things in perspective, it allow our tried bodies to heal and our souls to seek balance,  and it allows us to have non work oriented family time for Bible study and spiritual reflection.  All of this has built a steady foundation for our family and the farm. 
If you are starting a farm of your own,  or thinking about it,  I strongly encourage you to honor the Sabbath. You will find it much more beneficial than an eyes day of work and projects. God really did know what he was doing by resting the seventh day. 

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  1. May you be blessed for honoring Him.