Monday, April 16, 2012

Fertilized Heritage Turkey Eggs Available Now

Would you like to raise your own turkeys this year?  You can enjoy the entire experience including hatching with fertilized heritage turkey eggs from Little Sprouts! We now have fertilized eggs available for immediate sale.

These eggs are from pure bred Narragansett turkeys, our second generation on farm.  These turkeys are the best tasting and largest of the heritage breeds. They are also very calm yet capable of raising young and protecting themselves from predators.  It is our breed of choice.

The eggs have been running about 90% fertile in our own incubator. The eggs we have available are within 1 week of laying and can be shipped anywhere.

Cost is $5 per egg, with volume discounts available.

Dont miss out! Now is the time to hatch for thanksgiving and christmas!


  1. Hi I know this is an old post but are you still selling fertilized turkey eggs? I would love to buy some to raise with my kids for this Thanksgiving. Thank you!

  2. yes this is an old post... but fortunately it is that time of year again. we should have turkey eggs for sale by march. check with us in a couple weeks.