Friday, April 20, 2012

First turkeys of the season hatch!

Right on time, the first turkeys of the 2012 season popped out of their shells yesterday! It;s always amazing how nature works... all 24 turkeys hatched out within hours of each other after 28 days incubating. The consistency is truly amazing.

There will be a steady stream of hatchings now for the next month, ranging everywhere from 1 to 60 every other day (60 in one day will be quite interesting indeed!)

A surprise was the appearance of a yellow turkey poult in the bunch. Thats right, pure yellow. Narragansett poults are always white, grey, black with a yellow underside but this little fellow is pure yellow all over. We thought he was a chicken at first, but no all the eggs hatched from are turkey eggs. IT will be fun to see what he turns into as he matures.

Feel free to stop by and visit the little birds anytime. It is quite a sight to see!


  1. Wow! That's great. What kind of incubator gave u a 100% hatch?

  2. We are using the Brisnea Cabinet Incubator, it holds 190 chickens eggs and does a great job controlling both temperature and humidity.

    Also.. having good genetics in heritage breeds helps a lot.