Friday, April 20, 2012

Presentation at Table Rock Kiwanis

Little Sprouts had the honor of presenting at the weekly meeting of the Table Rock Kiwanis yesterday.
for those not familiar with the Kiwanis, I encourage you to learn about this group. They are a nice group of individuals coming together to support the community in a variety of ways.  We appreciate their efforts.

The presentation went well, with a good amount of questions and answer at the end, even involving the older children. Its always great when the children have an opportunity to share about your life and our farm at events like these. These are the moments that cement the value of what we are doing in their young minds and hearts.

If you have a group that would like to learn about sustainable farming at a family scale, please dont hesitate to ask. We are available to spread the word about what, how, and why we are doing this.

Here is a nice thank you we received from the group (reprinted with permission of course):


Thanks so much for sharing with us at Table Rock Kiwanis.  I had so many people thank me for inviting you to the meeting.  It was obvious that the message you brought was something everyone wanted to hear.

Thank all of your lovely family for joining us.  They are delightful and it is obvious that you are all bringing great joy to the world!


Linda McClellan

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