Sunday, February 19, 2017

What is a farmer?

What is a farmer?

The lowly farmer takes land, water, nature combines that with his own sweat, tears, and ingenuity to create food for the world to continue.

A what is a farm?

The place where this magic happens, a place where nature rebuilds itself from seemingly nothing... A where life regenerates and migrates into the world.

Somehow, over the decades, we have lost that grand inspired vision. We have forgotten how crucial it is for man to stay connected to the nature that both sustains him and he is appointed manager over. Life isn't about technology, cell phones, Facebook, television, recreation, politics, money... No.... Life is about the basics of nature.

Farms are then, about nature, life being reborn, health, vitality, the future.

A farm should be where sun, skill and water come together under the hands of the master craft (the farmer) to create life for all those around it.

Think of that vision, farms as the center spreading life and regeneration to the world... And all your self, "how is it that farms have become consumers?" Farms have all the ingredients of life right inside, why ignore those resources to go outside to buy feed, fertilizer, chemicals, etc? Why should a farm taken in instead of send out?

Because we lost our way!

A farm should exporty, not import should produce, not consume. If we truly believe that life comes from the sun, water, and soil, then we as farmers should live it! Stop buying more feed than produced, stop buying fertilizer while ignoring the actual source is right on the farm. We have everything we need, on our land, regardless of size... Let's use it!

Farms can be the source of life and health again... We just need to return to old wisdom. We as farmers need to start making out of raw resources instead of being someone's customer.

Farms need to produce, not consume. It can be done... It must be done!

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