Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mother earth news fair !

Pleased to report a tremendous response at the mother earth news fair this weekend! Most of the day our humble little both was swamped with people anxious to learn about growing animal feed on their own land. It's very refreshing to see that small farmers of all types really do want to solve this problem!

Most of the morning Saturday we had so many people crowded around our little both that they spilled over to the neighbors... All listening to my little song and dance about making a farm profitable by growing instead of buying.

It is amazing to think... What has happened to us as farmers? Where did we lose the ability to be self sustaining? When did farms become consumers instead of producers? The small farm built this nation... Feed this nation... But somehow along the way that same small farm became a consumer of feed instead of a producer of food. That is sad. Yet.... Being here this weekend, seeing the realization and excitement in the eyes of virtually every one that browses by our signs, is so encouraging!

Farmers want to be producers, not consumers!

Farmers want to be independent again, not tied to feed suppliers!

Farmers want to make a profit again!

This is where it starts... With a spark that lands in kindling... That's all it takes!

The small farm is returning to America!

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