Monday, June 27, 2016

"Linney" the line walker

Meet "linney" .... the line walker.

Linney (yes, we name our favorite tools) is going to save our backs today!

Our method of seeding and sprouting in the ground using only drip lines, in very long rows (100+ yards long) REQUIRES VERY STRAIGHT SEED ROWS AND DRIP LINES. The drip line must lie right over the seeds.. within a couple inches. For long rows that is a challenge. We have done this by "walking the lines". This is a back breaking process of bending half over like a save man, and letting the lines drape over a hand while walking at a steady pace down the entire row without stopping. Not pleasant!

Linney arrived today to allow someone to walk straight up holding his upper handle while the drip line rolls across the spool just inches over the seed row and dropping nicely in place.

We LOVE linney!

Just some old pipe, an old wire spool, and some fittings. Basically "junk" that today, planting 3200 yards of seeds, will be the star of the show!

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