Saturday, June 4, 2016

Back in the Saddle - S&P Feed back in Stock!

WooHoo!  After a several week pause in  stocking, for cash flow reasons, we finally are Back in business with The Nation's best  and first Non-GMO, Organic, Soy Free poultry - goat - pig feed!

The basic feeds back in stock and waiting for delivery / pickup

New Products! Grubs and Herbs!
There was a glitch in shipping, the first glitch we have had with this shipping company in over 2 years, but yes, it happened on this all important first restocking. Fortunately, by Gods Grace, the shipment arrived in Medford Sat AM, just in time for us to go pickup, and load for today's deliveries.

Please be aware, there is NEW PRICING, posted on the fridge in the store. Prices increased $2 to $3 per bag to cover the increased shipping costs.  And keep in mind, all feed sales are cash or check on delivery at this point. No charges to account. For cash flow reasons we have need to run the sales from feed separately. Thanks for your understanding!

The good news is, with this new system in place (cash on delivery, no pay ahead, no account charges) and the increased prices, we should be able to meet current demand without going out of stock, and bring in some new products!

Check out the Cluckin Good Grubs, and Clucking Good Herbs! Both organic, non-gmo and produced in North America (not china!)

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