Monday, June 27, 2016

Garden progress - greens and squash

We made some good progress today, 2 more sections planted. Only 2 left to go!

These 2 sections each have rows, 120 yards long.

Section 1 = grey zuchini
Section 2 = kale, parsley, dandelion, swiss chard

The first 2 sections are about to sprout, those are the 16 rows per section of 65 yards each

Section 3 = watermelon
Section 4 = pumpkin

Hopefully we will finish the last 2 section with lettuce tomorrow, if my feet hold up! Doing the math brings a realization that today alone required walking about 3 miles ... in loose dirt much like beach sand. Wow is that tiring!!!

But now its on autopilot, just keep the lines over the rows (they tend to stretch in this heat and move around a bit) and adjust the water as they sprout.

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