Thursday, May 7, 2015

New water setup at foothill

What a busy afternoon today!

We needed to modify the water setup at foothill for the pigs. The current setup was just too time consuming to maintain with the grain sprouting happening there instead of at the farm.  Plus .. the old car frame was struggling to ride the bumps with 2000+ lbs of water in the tank! So, we made a new setup.

The water trailer is now parked for at least a month at a time, probably 3 months, in a central location. The water line from the irrigation pump is 300 feet of 1.5 inch pvc bringing the water to the trailer. Then the trailer (with the solar powered 12v pump) is attached to 200 feet of 5/b inch water hose to reach the pig pen. This way the pens can float around the pasture as necessary and the water trailer can stay stationary.

An extra add was to install a pressure tank at the far end of the water hose, right at the pen and waterer.  This is a cheap hot water pressure tank holding 4 gallons.. . Putting this out at the edge should both stabilize the pressure available as well as slow the cycling of the 12volt water pump on the trailer for longer life.

Long afternoon, but we got it all set up and the pens moved today.  Good for another week or two!

Levi wanted to connect the flexible hose to the hard line. He loves working with tools.

Next the boy helped roll out the soft line.

Teamwork helping dad!

Levi struggles to open the top of the water tank. It was Tight!

And of course... a lesson in gluing PVC!

Finished product... a water fill pipe!

Look far off in the distance... toward the left... in the tall grass you may spot hunter working to round up some pigs that "wandered away"... those pigs!

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