Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beet patch is in!

What a long day this was! We just finished the beet patch. whew.. tired!

This patch is the biggest beet patch yet.  it measured 44 rows of 75 feet each. Doing some math:

44 rows of 75 feet = 3300 feet
3300 feet with a beet every 3 inches = 13,200 beets

half harvested at 2 lbs = 13,200 lbs of beets
half harvested at 4 lbs each = 26,400 lbs of beets

for a grand total of 39,600 beets, or about 20 tons. Not bad for about 5000 sq feet of dirt!

These are heirloom beets, which we have been able to grow into winter to over 10 lbs each, still solid and juicy.  These guys make great pig and goat feed!

Not bad for a days work.. 20 tons of beets!

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