Sunday, May 24, 2015

2 Acres ready, but the tiller gave its all

With the tiny moisture we received from the rains last week, the ground was just soft enough to power the tiller through to prepare the "pig garden".  And power through we did! at the end of sunday night, we converted a total of 2 acres of hard dry pasture into plantable garden area!

Unfortunately the tiller, a very impressive land pride RTR series... didnt make it. On the final pass over the whole area, it threw a main bearing.  But.. thats ok, even if we cant get it fixed in time to flatten the top a bit more, we can plant as expected on friday.

This tiller is nothing short of amazing. Take a look at the before and after pictures!  with only a 30 horse tractor it plowed through to fine enough to plant soil in only a few passes.  It was quite the wild ride flattening those pig root spots and bedding spots. This area is where they spent their winter... so it was pretty torn up.

The area totals 2 acres... and currently houses the cabbage and beet sprouts (which are doing nicely!).  This coming weekend we plan on adding squash of a few varieties, zucchini, pumpkin, and okra. Hopefully enough food for the pig herd to make it through the fall and winter with minimal grain.

Here is the before picture... this spot is actually pretty tame, it gets worse in the back!

This is the completed 2 acre area looking over the original cabbage patch.

This shot shows how far back it goes. Imagine this filled with squash plants!

We ended up putting a hard panel up to keep the pigs back, with new babies born there is too much risk of them running the electric and wiping out the sprouts in one night. You can see the beet sprouts in the middle here.

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