Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why should we vote for gmo labeling today?

Personally I can only see one reason to vote for gmo labeling.  Its simple.  Gmo labeling will hurt the gmo industry where they feel it most,  their pocketbook.  The Monsantos of the world fight gmo labeling because they know it will decrease the appeal to buy the products made with gmo ingredients.  They profitability of products will decrease,  then the profitability of farms using gmo seeds,  then the profitability of gmo based agribusiness.

The long term environment and health risks of gmo crops is enough to warrant this.  This technology must be stopped and the best way to stop it is to label all products made with gmos.  They know this,  so we proceed.

However,  I stand by my proclamation that doing this,  voting for gmo labeling today,  is not an event to celebrate.  The need to vote on this represents a long building failure of fighting conventional ag.  This vote strengthens conventional ag and will cause people more health harm. (for reasons stated in earlier posts).  That is an unavoidable truth.  But it is a lesser of two evils.  That is why this is a sad day.  We are now choosing between two evils.

So yes,  vote for labeling,  vote to reduce profitability of life threatening technology.  But,  then we need to wake up and realize how far we have fallen,  and win or loose,  we need the same motivation,  same drive,  same effort to combat all conventional ag.  Period.  We need to label restaurant food toxic.  We need to label 99% of the food in grocery store as toxic.  We need tax penalties for those who choose to buy food on price,  ending up needing health care at taxpayers expense.  We need to make chemical and fertilizer companies financially responsible for cleanup of runoff from their chemicals.  We need to picket and boycott local businesses that push conventional ag products.

Vote for labeling today,  but win or loose,  don't celebrate,  realize that either way the battle has only begun.  And there is much ground to reclaim.

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