Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thanksgiving turkey?

My apologies to all of our present and past customers.  It is true,  we are not offering turkeys for thanksgiving this year. This is a very sad thing for us.  But the reality is that due to circumstances beyond our control,  we missed the window to hatch turkeys in time this year. 

I appeal to you,  please be cautious and aware of where you purchase your turkey from.  Most,  the vast majority of turkeys in this country are raised in deplorable conditions.  Turkeys are among the worst treated farm animals by modern agriculture.   The breed,  the feed,  the living conditions,  all make for a sad state of affairs.  Some of the biggest brands are the worst offenders.

We hope to be back next year,  our breeders are going great,  and we will start on next thanksgiving soon.  For this year, please accept our apologies,  but also please be careful who you support.

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