Monday, July 7, 2014

possibly canceling egg subscriptions

Yes,  bad news.  We are considering canceling all egg subscriptions for a season.  The laying flocks are aging and just unable to keep up with demand.  Our reality is that since we lost our replacement laying flock and genetics in the fire last winter,  we simply don't have the ability to build back enough to silky the demand.  The small rescued flock we managed to keep is simply to small to be efficient.

So.  We will be deciding this week on how to proceed.  We may just cancel all subscriptions and instead place weekly available eggs in the online store for purchase first come first serve.  It pains me to say this but we have may have no choice.

In the long run  (about 9 months)  we will be back with a brand new flock or two of a new breed for both chicken and duck.  Efforts towards this are already under way.

If we choose to go this route... All egg  subscription members will receive an email notice.  Thank you for your support and understanding on this.

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