Monday, July 7, 2014

Cheese ready for sale!

We are so excited!  This week marks the beginning of a new chapter for little sprouts!  Wet are officially in the artisan cheese business!  This week or first blocks of raw goat cheese reached the required minimum 60 day mark in adding and can be packaged for sale!

There will be one or two blocks made available each week going forward.  Each block is unique,  much like tests and batches in wine.  Each one had a different character and flavor even if from the same recipe.  Wet will do our best (with help from our cheese club members)  to revive each accurately so you can choose which you prefer before purchase.

The first cheeses will be plain cheddar,  but in a couple weeks the special cheeses are due...  Such as :

Onion and sage
Onion and garlic
Italian spice
Raisin and cinnamon

More details to come soon on how to order and what's available.  You should have some options for ordering this week. Stay tuned!

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