Thursday, July 3, 2014

First taste of the new sausage recipes

Wow...  How exciting!  We picked up our first batch of 8 different sausage recipes from the butcher :)  it's been a long time coming,  but it's finally here!

This is the list of sausage flavors (all links)  available immediately :

Authentic hungarian
Garlic and pepper
Spicy italian
Texas style
English bangers
Louisiana style

And of course breakfast links!

All of these are made with all organic ingredients,  and start with our pastured , heritage breed,  soy free,  organically fed pork.  You just can't find sausage like this in the stores!

So now the fun part...  Taste testing.  We are going to be eating lots of sausage in the next few days!  If you would like to try some,  check out the sample packs in the online store!

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