Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sometimes it's cold

Sometimes it's cold....  And then it's cold.
Just got back inside....  From trying to keep the plumbing working for the morning milking.  Managed to get the cold water flowing inside our house (the pressure sensor on the well froze )  but no hot water yet.  Tested the milking room...  Nothing glowing there yet...  After a nap I'll tackle that one.

Mr thermometer is showing -6 right now at 4am. Crazy cold.   The record for white city is -10 set in 1913! We may get there by dawn.  That would mean tonight is the coldest recorded in history,  ever!  Even if we only come close to the record...  That is a record set 100 years ago.

It's cold.  Time for a nap.  Then plumbing round 2.  The joys of farming.....  I love it...  Just wish I could feel my toes...

Good night.

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