Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last post for 2013

As I lay in bed tonight,  with only minutes left until 2014 rolls around...  So many thoughts roll around in the quiet.

We spent our new years eve purchasing and collecting another 229 laying hens.  Yes...  Caught one by one from a farm in California that us retiring.  In the last 2 days out flocks have expanded by over 300 birds!  Now everyone is sleeping as the year quietly drifts in.

You might ask...  Why would our family spend New Years Eve chasing chickens?  Well..  First off...  We had a blast!  What better family fun is there?  More importantly,  we need chickens because you need eggs.  Our waiting list for eggs is so long that it breaks my heart to browse it.  Plus some if these hens will become broths,  stocks,  stews,  soups,  etc. 

You see...  Thus farm thing isn't just a job...  Its a mission.  We truly want to provide everyone who needs good food,  who needs to heal,  recover,  gain back their life.  When you find your mission,  it's no longer a job...  Its a life.

So here I sit,  brenda sound asleep,  ready to wake up in a few hours to milk the goats,  everyone else sleeping soundly,  and I'm blogging this.  THAT is how we bring in a new year!  And we,  our family,  deeply loves what we do.   It's not necessary for us to party late,  our satisfaction comes in the form of thank yous from customers,  from testimonials of true health,  from knowing we have a job well done.

So yes...  Maybe we are weird by today's standards,  but we love our life,  our animals,  our customers,  and our God.   Good by 2013.... Time to move on... After a good night's sleep.

Good night.

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