Monday, December 9, 2013

Plumbing, plumbing, and more plumbing

What a day yesterday was!  Starting at 3am when we discovered no flowing water in the house.  Here us a rundown of the days events:

3am to 5am. No water anywhere.  Found the stub to the well pump pressure sensor was frozen  causing the well to think there was over pressure and not run. Diagnosed,  fixed.  But no hot water in house.

5 am to 7am: short nap

7 am to 10 am: no water in milking room.  Pipes under sink frozen. Defrosted those and found feed pipe to water heater frozen.  Defrosted that.  Water flowing.

10 am to 12 noon : late morning milking

12 noon to 1pm: lunch and rest

1pm to 5pm : feed pipe to house water heater frozen.  Thawed slowly but pipe cracked behind water heater (at back if closet)  shut off all water, drain and remove water heater,  replace pipes and insulate,  reinstall water heater.

5 to 6pm. Water on finally ,  help with carrying water and feed to animals,  grab dinner.

6pm to 9pm: night milking,  but low pressure caused by broken garden pipe that had Thawed.  Capped pipe twice (had to redo glue)  while milking.

What's left?  Never made it to the greenhouse water for the sprouting.  Faucet and pipes buried under a foot of snow.  None of the stall waterers are flowing.

But..  Had a hot shower to end the day.!

Just life on the farm in winter.....

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