Saturday, November 23, 2013

Turkey week has arrived!

This is the biggest week for little sprouts. Thanksgiving is when we sell the most birds in a single day for all year. Busy busy. Fortunately this year we have plenty of help on the way....

But of course the weather changes dramatically overnight... From unseasonably warm and dry to frigid and wet. The mercury hit below 20 the last two nights. That always makes it fun standing outside in the cold with constantly running water.

So this year I decided to light the scalder the night before so I don't have to deal with frozen hoses while rushing to fill the scaler to get it heating. But.... Alas by the time we got home from deliveries the hoses were already frozen. In my zeal to break up the ice I did a bad thing... Pulled the spigot right out of the ground! Pipit broke under 8 inches of mud, water and ice. Hmmmm

So there I am, in the dark cold of 28 degrees standing ankle deep in need and ice digging down to the pipe, thankful for the shop vac!  Took some work and half frozen hands but... Finally cape the pipe.

The scalder is full... Heating up overnight... And with dawn comes preparation. Even an exciting new method and tool we will be trying...

So here we go into a week of intense turkey processing.... Mostly ready... All that is needed is some rest....

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