Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving turkey harvest 2013

We had a fabulous thanksgiving season.  Even though the harvest was smaller than we wanted (dye to incubator problems back in sprung)  it worked out well.  This year we had plenty of volunteer help on processing day,  do overall it was a pleasant and not totally exhausting few days. 

We thank everyone who showed up to help!

Here's some memories of this year's event...

Kaelyn watching the dunking into the scalder

She decided to try her hand it dunking a bird!

She's doing it!

Even her dunking partner Keitley is impressed

Todd's son learns about the plucker

Here is the table crew... Hannah, Marissa, April, and Keitley

The knives cant be sharp enough! Sharpen early, sharpen often!

Grandma making the rounds back and forth from the kitchen

Hunter moving furniture !

Todd wrestles with a turkey ready for the cones
Made it!

Todd shows his boy the realities of farm life

Daniel working the plucker... why is this man smiling?

Keitley and Hanna working at the table

April learning to process a turkey, Marissa is an old pro!

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