Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Here! the biggest news in Little Sprouts History Begins Today!

After months of silent preparation, we are finally at a point to announce arrival of the biggest even in Little Sprouts Farm history...

We are in the process of building a full commercial kitchen, and most importantly asking YOU for help.

All the details are here, on our KICKSTARTER WEBSITE

A little background:

The purpose of the kitchen is to allow us to produce  new kinds of foods going forward, that we can not do reasonably today at the scale required....  The kitchen contains a separate fermentation room, as well as full kitchen facilities,  to allow for production of cultured foods as well. The building itself is portable, built into a refrigerated container, so if we ever move it can go with us!

In addition to the cultured foods, the kitchen has facilities and space to allow us to produce some convenient healthy traditional foods in a new line we are announcing soon, specifically for people on GAPS and SCD diets type.  No longer will you have to spend hours per day in the kitchen to reap the benefits of these healthy foods. We will offer convenience of grocery store packaged foods with actually healthy, GAPS legal contents!

Unfortunately our own life savings were not quite enough to cover the cost of implementing this farm plus adding a kitchen and fermentation room,  quite frankly we have invested every dollar we had into this place.  So to complete this one last component, and allow us to go the last step to making convenient foods for sale.Please prayerfully consider a contribution to the cause.

Little Sprouts Asks for Help with Funds for Commercial Kitchen

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