Friday, June 14, 2013

NewsFlash! Now the ONLY certified organic AND non-gmo feed in North America


Scratch and Peck Feeds is, as of today, the ONLY livestock feed in all of North America that is both certified organic and verified non-gmo!

Today Scratch and Peck received their organic certification. All feeds milled June 13th and after are now certified 100% organic. This is in addition to the earlier addition of being the first feed company in north america to gain verified non-gmo status through the non-gmo project.

These certification are in addition to the more important fact that Scratch and Peck is the absolute best quality feed we have ever seen.  This feed has always been a nutrient dense feed with whole grains, high in omega 3 content, not pelleted, never heated, and a proprietary mix of healthy beneficial ingredients. It is also local, grown and milled on the west coast. You can not find a better quality feed through any other source, we know.. we looked for a very long time !

We are very excited at Little Sprouts Farm to be the Southern Oregon representatives for Scratch and Peck, stocking all their popular feeds locally for pickup or delivery through our local delivery service.

Watch for the CERTIFIED ORGANIC LABEL on  chicken, turkey, goat, hog feeds !

For information on how to switch to this awesomely healthy feed,  contact Little Sprouts Farm at :

or go straight into our online farm store to order yours today:

If your buying chicken, pork, eggs, duck, turkey, from a local farmer, have them contact us to talk about offering this nutrient dense feed to their animals at bulk discount prices.


  1. I've heard that Organic certification is supposed to exclude GMO products, is this incorrect?

  2. This is a GREAT question and one I should devote a blog post to.

    The short answer is sometimes, but no. Organic certification does NOT always mean non-gmo. There are a number of reasons, I'll follow up with on a blog post, but here are the highlights.

    Organic certification allows a percentage of non-organic contents, depending on the specific wording of the certification. It is not usually 100% organic unless that is stated that way.

    In addition, even 100% organic products are NOT verified nor tested in any way for GMO. If there is GMO contamination it would not be found, perhaps for years. (since there is no testing)

    With both organic and non-gmo labels, there is the best protection that what is inside is what you think is inside. These two certifications are two different things and should co-exist.

    More details in a followup blog post.

  3. I'm curious about the fishmeal in the chicken feed. Is there any information listed about the type of fish used and how it was harvested? I'm wary about using already over utilized ocean resources as a protein source for my animals.