Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Introducing --- Easy Peel Eggs!

If your like most people.. peeling hard boiled eggs is a real challenge.  Its a tedious meticulous process  where, in the end, you loose half the eggs  due to tearing of the whites or stuck shells.  Yet, hard boiled eggs are SO useful! Quick snacks,  deviled eggs, salad toppings, on and on... so many uses.  So we struggle through with this procedure or that procedure.. adding this or that to the water, cooking a certain way...  There is even a gadget on the market  that allows you to crack the egg before cooking into a plastic container and cook it in there like a hard boiled egg.

We have seen, and tried it all! in our effort to make pickled eggs at home in decent quantity without spending all day peeling ... we tried everything. Finally... we found it. A cooking process by which.. the hard boiled egg literally falls out of the shell!

We now offer pre-cooked hard boiled eggs in our online store for your convenience! Cooked once a week, on order, the day before delivery, these eggs are easy enough to peel to use any time. they keep for about a week in a cold fridge, ready for your use in a pinch!

Watch this video of yours truly peeling one of these eggs... first the chicken egg:

Duck Eggs, they are notoriously hard to peel! The whites are thinner, and the membrane tighter, so peeling a hard boiled duck egg is nearly impossible.  Virtually every one ends up with scars, holes, tears, etc.  But not with our newly discovered cooking method! Watch this video to see how easy a hard boiled duck egg can peel!


 to peeling an Easy Peel Hard Boiled Egg:

Step 1: crack the egg lightly all around, try for an even fracturing of the eggshell on all sides. dont hit it hard enough to brake the membrane, just to crack the shell.

Step 2:  Gently push with your fingers on all 4 sides as in the video to work the membrane loose and further fracture the shell

Step 3: When the membrane feels loose, simply slip it off. Sometimes it helps to open one or both ends first.

Do NOT try to peel the egg the traditional way, a little at a time.  Try to remove the membrane instead.  That makes it literally fall off these eggs due to cooking method.

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