Friday, June 22, 2012

Little sprouts kombucha tests very low in sugar

Since we have finally settled on out kombucha recipe,  we needed to measure the final sugar content of our brew.  At first I tried using the hydromter, but it was giving confusing results.  The sugar content shown through testing was not falling as expected,  even when the drink was quite sour.  My theory is that using raw sugar and sucanant was leaving lots of non sugar dissolved solids, thereby giving a false reading. 

So today we picked up some clinitab reagants tablets.  They are primarily used to test for sugars in the urine,  but are also quite useful for testing sugar content in fermented drinks. 

The tests confirmed what we suspected.  Our kombucha recipe was ending with very low sugar.  One batch showed .25% sugar and another showed only trace amounts.  In contrast I tested two popular store brands and found them to show 3% to 5% sugar!  The little sprouts kombucha has 1/4 the sugar of store brands,  or even less!  That is very good news.

For families and individuals  such as our own who avoid sugars and carbs, this is vitally important.  It means little sprouts kombucha can be enjoyed without concern about the negative effects of sugar. We are very happy that we managed to create our own recipe that has plenty of natural flavor,  health benefits,  and no sugar!

If you haven't tried our kombucha,  encouraged you to give it a try soon .  We offer utbolaub,  unflavored,  but you can result flavor it yourself in a variety of ways.  Either plain or labored this acid rich probiotics food is a significant addition to any healthy nutrition program. The benefits are quite astounding!

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