Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hogs back out on pasture

We moved the hogs back to the pasture this week,  with a slightly new setup.

For feeder we built a Osbourne pasture feeder.  It has some unique qualities.  This size should gold up to a month of feed when filled completely,  it has no feed doors and yet works perfectly fine in the rain,  and it eliminates waste and food fights. On top of all that it is on kids so is moveable!  We are very pleased.

The hogs are quite happy to be out grazing again after a winter in their pen.  They went straight for the wet area and started digging,  as pigs do.  Today we move their shelter and water out and the pen can be rebuilt finally.

Our intention is to have the hogs out on pasture all summer while planting their pen with food crops for the fall and winter. 

We should save a lot on feed, be more sustaining,  and have happier healthier hogs!

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