Monday, June 4, 2012

Lard: poison or medicine?

Little Sprouts sells traditionally rendered lard on occasion.  But isn't lard bad for you?  Doesn't it cause great disease?
Well. .. simply said,  NO.  Lard substitutes cause problems,  not lard. To understand why the confusion,  read this article. It gives a historical perspective on why people think lard is bad:
Over Half of Your Diet Should Consist of Saturated Fats
There are other studies showing that the lack of good saturated day in the dirt is at the root of a long list of serious health problems.  Our bodies need a steady intake of good saturated fat to be healthy.
I say good saturated day because you have to be careful.  True natural day is dangerous in that fat is where any toxins that the animal  consumed is stored.  If the animal is not raised right,  the day becomes very unhealthy.  For this reason we must shy away from any fat  from factory farmed animals,  it can be toxic. In contrast fat  from naturally raised animals is an essential part of a healthy life.
So. ... KNOW YOUR FARMER and enjoy traditional animal based saturated fats  as a medicinal food.  But never consume fat  from any source that you do not know. It can be dangerous.
At little sprouts we raise animals so that our lard,  eggs,  and all fat  is healthy and beneficial. We encourage anyone to come by and see how we do things,  and how we are different.
Lard is one of nature's healthiest fats. If raised properly.

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