Sunday, January 30, 2011

January is a popular month for little sprouts blog

January ends with the best month yet for the Little Sprouts Farm Blog. The blog site recorded over 2500 hits for the month! What a great testament to the interest in natural healthy food production. There is a steadily growing interest in our food supply, people questioning what goes on behind the scenes and what are we eating. It goes beyond curiosity. The people that contact us are generally very committed to changing thier family's lives by rejecting the factory food production methods and turning to local natural alternatives whenever possible.

A good point to make is that the vast majority of the people visiting our website are within 100 miles of Medford, OR.

I will add that so far, facebook advertising has been the most effective form of advertising we have done to attract local people. That in itself is amazing to me since we tend to think of the interent as a global resource.

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  1. I found you on craigslist :-)) You're doing a good job of promoting yourself. Letting locals know you're here in the valley and posting interested tidbits to keep us coming back.