Sunday, March 18, 2018

Quick n easy pig shelters - stand up to Texas wind

The winds here in central Texas can be quite fierce! Back in Oregon, we simply used tarps for shelter roofs. Not so here! Normal duty tarps can barely stand one afternoon wind, much less an evening storm. So a new answer was called for.

There is a resource here that is golden... Oversized pallets! Several local companies give these jewels away periodically. They are about 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. Some are nearly solid in boards. Heavy, but what a great building resource!

I have toyed with a few designs using these pallets, the last being the easiest and portable!

Then, I threw one together especially for the small piglets. The pallet laid flat is a great hiding place in bad weather. Plus... Mom has a dry lean-to close by!

These were thrown together as the last storm's clouds were rolling in, so they aren't pretty, but solid.

As time goes, more improvement is in the works for these pallet structures.

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