Sunday, August 6, 2017

Plant a garden for... Your pig? That's crazy!

One of the most interesting yet controversial aspects of our farming model is the approach of growing fresh produce to feed the animals that live here. Sure it seems odd for that to be questioned but many people do question the wisdom of growing for Animals instead of for humans. It is definitely different, and warrants an explanation.

It is true that are Gardens are planted and nurtured specifically to grow fresh produce for our animals and only extra Harvest is offered for sale for humans. Why do we do this? Well think about it. If the goal is to raise the healthiest animals to produce the healthiest animal food products for humans, how could we do anything else? Why is there an assumption that animals can be healthy on second grade food when we know that humans require top nutrition from first grade food to remain healthy? Why is there an assumption in the agriculture industry that animal nutrition is secondary to human nutrition? Why is there an assumption that you can create top quality animal products from second quality animal feed?

This Is Why We Do It . it's not so much that we value animals above humans. That misses the point. The foundation is that we value human health and understand that human health depends on the health of the animals and animal food products that humans consume. Think about if you were to grow a chicken to feed your child who suffers from a condition that is helped by top-quality chicken broth, would you not feed that chicken the very best feed that you could find? Of course you would any parent would.

So the question really becomes what is best for animals? What is the source of top-quality nutrition? We answer this by observing the animals in nature. By observing the animals that prosper in a natural environment and duplicating this on the farm, we achieve like results to a healthy animal living the way nature intended.

What this means for us is growing vegetables, produce, insects, some grains that match the balance that animals would have if they were living in the wild successfully. While most animal nutritionist attempt to find the the lowest level of nutrients that keeps the animal"healthy", we look at it from the other end and try to determine how much nutrition we can provide for the animals above and beyond the minimum. It really is the question of do you want to do as little as you can for health or do everything that you can for health?

So yes here at Little Sprouts we grow a lot of produce of various kinds. And yes at Little Sprouts we offer little of this produce for sale to the public. It seems on in today's modern agriculture world to do this. Yet we focus on producing the very best nutrition for our customers in animal products that we possibly can.

There is a reality that we launch this Farm on in that almost anyone can grow good healthy organic vegetables on their own land in their backyard. Yet relatively few people especially in town can actually raise animals of the same high-quality. It is also true that most large farm operations that Supply the grocery stores also cannot raise animals to the same high quality standards. Size of farm and quality of food are directly related the larger the farm the lower the quality.

So next time you come out to visit the farm and see the rows and rows of beautiful watermelons are zucchinis are pumpkins or greens or whatever, think about the source of your bacon that morning. What was that pig fed what was the nutritional principles that went into feeding the pig that produce the bacon that's on your child's plate? When you drop a chicken into a pot to make a healthy meat stock in an attempt to heal a child of digestive issues or even the common cold, what was that chicken fed all of its life what components have gone into the chicken meat that are going to come out in the broth and you're going to feed your child?

This is the questions we Ponder and this is why we do what we do.

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