Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bee swarm #6!

Incredibly, that one same hive had produced try another swarm! Number 6 showed up today, 6 in only two weeks. And the are still plenty of bees in the original hive.

We managed to catch these bees. They landed on the fence right by the hive. It was of though, they landed as 3 groups... Large medium and small. First time for that!

The clump in the middle had the queen. She actually showed herself! As I was contemplating which clump to take first, she crawled right out of the center, across a pile of bees for a few inches, then back inside. The worker bees around her went crazy !

So now we have 5 growing hives, all birthed from the one remaining hive that stayed for 3 years without maintenance.

How many more? Who knows! But it is time to repair one of the three damaged hives to catch the next one!

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