Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2 more bee swarms

What a year that is!

That same one hive produced 2 more healthy sized swarms today. The first one landed in that same bush as the other 3. But unfortunately, we didn't have a hive ready to place it, so by the time we assembled a new hive, it left. I mean... Minutes before. If it had waited 15 more minutes we could have captured it. But alas... It took off. We followed the mass of bees for a few hundred yards and then lost them. Very sad.

But.... We came home and were complaining about missing that one when Brenda announced... "There is another cloud of bees!"

Sure enough , just a couple hours after the fourth swarm there arose a fifth!

This time we were ready. Hunter and I scrambled into our gear and got busy. This one landed on the small oak tree right by by the now infamous "bee landing bush". It was a simple matter to cut the branch and place the whole swarm inside a brand new hive.

So now we have 3 hives along the driveway, one inside the gate, and the original hive. Plus the one that got away, makes a total of 5 swarms inside of 2 weeks!

Tonight we must move the hives into position away from the driveway.

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