Monday, March 13, 2017

New Improved Coffee Soap available now

We have improved our recipe for  lard coffee soap.  the new recipe has more intense coffee effect (in killing odors) and improved coffee grinds. The original recipe had some coffee grounds that were a bit rough and could be irritating on sensitive skin, so for this year we modified our grinding method to make more consistent sizes, softer edges on the grains of coffee, and overall smaller size.

Closeup of the coffee soap. You can see the dark spots that are the coffee grounds. 
The purpose of the coffee within the soap is to stop odors. coffee has the unique ability to destroy most hand odors, including cooking odors (garlic and onion) as well as oil and grease odors. The purpose for the coffee grounds is grit to help clean off stuck on dirt, grease, etc. It leaves your hands soft (because it is 100% pure lard), smelling fresh and clean with no odor (becasue of the coffee), and clean of stuck on dirt and grease ( from the grit of the coffee grounds).

This is a truly unique soap, becasue there are NO chemicals, yet it cleans as if there were! Nothing unhealthy, the ingredients are simply Lard (converted to soap with pure lye), organic coffee, and organic fresh coffee grounds.  That's it! yet... it works with no side effects.

We made the first batch of the new recipe this week, and is ready for sale in next month's order.

Some bars sitting out after cutting. 
This is a must have in every kitchen, garage, workshop. Don't put harsh chemicals on your hands.. trust pure healthy lard soap to do the job without the heavy chemicals that might soak through your skin and into your bloodstream. Simple, effective, inexpensive.

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