Saturday, March 4, 2017

Finally - A deodorant that is a health positive instead of negative, and WORKS too!

Perhaps one of the most important things we changed to achieve health is.. the lowly deodorant!

Back in the days of working in small closed offices and living on the standard american diet (SAD), we naturally used the strongest anti-antiperspirant available. We never gave a thought to the health impact of this.. not then.

But consider this:

The primary component of antiperspirants is.. aluminum! The same aluminum that is implicated in a long list of health issues including Alzheimer's, autism, assorted neurological issues.  Why is it in there? because aluminum CLOGS the pores of your skin to block the ability of the body to sweat. No sweat, no unsightly underarm wet spots and stained clothes and body odor.  But there is a problem. Chemicals applied to the skin absorb into the body through the skin. This is now a method of administering many medicines becasue it is SO effective at putting chemicals into the bloodstream! So that aluminum is slowly absorbing into the bloodstream, right next to a lymph node, 24x7.  To add insult to injury, the action of sweating is a primary detox tool of the body, but that pathway has now been totally blocked by the aluminum itself! The only pathway left is into the blood, around the body, and out some other avenue, leaving devastating health problems along the way. 

The other products in antiperspirants as well as deodorants are no less concerning:

Parabens - used to kill bacteria in the product... yes, a poison to bacteria. Parabens have been found in tumors! They seem to have a weak estrogen like effect when absorbed through the skin. 
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) distearates - emulsifying agents found in many cosmetic products including antiperspirants. This antiperspirant ingredient makes it easier to wash off the product. Does that sound like something you want on your skin adsorbing into the body all day?
Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) - a preservative! Only it does not preserve life not health... and has been implicated in many health concerns. 
Propylene glycol - made from petroleum! It softens and gives a sort of slick consistency
Phthalates - a whole class of chemicals used to aid blending of cosmetics. They have been implicated in health concerns especially for women and birth defects.
Triclosan - anti bacterial agent classified as a pesticide by the FDA.  Some countries are now banning triclosan from antibacterial soaps!
Go take a look at your favorite deodorant and see which chemicals it contains, then ask yourself.. do you really want that chemical as part of your bloodstream every day of your life? What could the long term implications be?

What to Do?

We searched for an answer for years... honestly we found that virtually all "natural" deodorants fell into 3 groups:

1. Actually had some of the above chemicals, but by different names so unsuspecting customers would not realize.

2. Were unpleasant to use from stickiness, difficulty to clean, left stains, etc

3. Just plain didn't work!

But over the years we found what DOES work! and it works amazingly well without any bad chemicals. In fact, this "recipe" is a pleasure to use, is a health positive instead of negative, and works so well it can be effective for 2 days from a single application! No really! We were very excited!

Our recipe contains the following simple ingredients:

Shea Butter (organic of course) - a natural plan butter similiar to cocoa butter
Bentonite Clay - Natural pure clay very good at detox, and wetness absorption
Baking Soda - A natural product (not man made) excellent at odor absorption
Essential Oils - Natural fragrance that have healing properties as well as anti microbial

That's it! Nothing else is necessary! And it WORKS!

But wait.. there's more!  Not only is the product itself amazing, but the application is unique and beneficial. You apply a small about of this "stiff lotion" with your fingertips, massaging into the area of the armpit. This action done right is a lymph node massage! Many experts point to lymph node massage as beneficial or even necessary for good health. 

For now, we are offering samples of this product while we decide on the fragrances that we want to produce. Just email or call and ask for a sample. Very soon this will show up in the online store available for purchase along with your monthly order!

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