Monday, June 1, 2015

And lastly.. Zucchini is in

We managed to get in a few zucchini plants just before the rain started today. There won't be any planting for a few days now as we received a nice 1/3 inch, just enough to soak the top inch of soil.

There are now 8 rows of 300 feet of zucchini, about 2500 plants total.  Err also managed to add one more row of pumpkins making a total of about 2500 pumpkin plants.

There is one more unplanned section, that will have to wait until the ground dries a bit.

It was a challenge... Had some problems with our fancy seeder. First the chain came lose from overuse. I had to remove a link to shorten it. Then the wheel in the back that compacts the soil after planting, it cracked in 3 places. Some duct tape fixed that for now. When this season is planted.. Time for an overhaul!

Tomorrow I will connect up the new drip watering system and post pictures. There are a total on 6 independent zones... More on that later.

For now the rain brings some much needed rest.

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