Sunday, February 1, 2015

White Jacob sheep born

A very unusual event today.  Another birth brought what appears to be a totally white Jacob sheep.  Somewhat of a rarity for Jacobs!   He is actually a twin,  the other one being almost fully black!

There is some thought this these may be geeps (a rare sheep -  goat cross).  It is "possible"  since they did live together for a short time...  But I am not convinced.  They both have long legs and the white one has slightly odd wool that looks a bit like hair...  But I am not convinced yet.  Lets let him grow up a bit and see.

Either way,  a fun and rare event!

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  1. In the last couple years, I've read every book I can find on sheep. I wanted to get a picture of why God calls us the sheep of His pasture. It's been an incredible journey. I'll be checking back to your blog. Congratulations on your new births.